July 30, 2009

G.I. JOE movie

The G.I. JOE movie is coming soon. The Buzz on this movie is mixed. It opens in August, which is a bad sign. All industries of entertainment save their worst stuff for August. Think about it...it's the end of the summer blockbuster season, not the begining. The kids are either going off to college or shopping for "back to school." No longer hanging out at the movies by August. In the TV world, it's reruns and leftovers until the new Fall season starts. In the magazine publishing, many big magazines don't even have an August issue--they replace it with an end of the the year issue or a special issue, to add up to 12 issues a year. Or if they combine it in a "July/August" issue that sits on the shelf for 2 months instead of one. There is no US holiday weekend in August. Etc etc etc. Life comes to a halt until Fall. Why do they do this? I don't know. But back to G.I.JOE, I will see this movie. I'm hoping it won't suck. But mentally, I'm preparing for the film to rape my childhood memories of the cartoon show and toys. But they have been very careful to not talk about much of the film, or show any of the major villains, and they have said that there is an amazing large battle underwater. Which makes me hopeful that they may not have screwed it up. If they had asked me what they could have done to make it a blockbuster---what else could I say----hardcore nudity!


When I saw the first shots of the new movie costumes---errrr---hmmm. Where's the over the top fun?!? The Baroness costume is almost a match. But the rest? Where's the individual style like the action figures/cartoon? Meh...the costumes look a little dull. It's the old Hollywood rule "If it's based on a toy or comic--make it black" Just like X-men. Or if they insist on having color follow rule 2 "mute it" like in Daredevil or Superman returns or Batman or the Matrix or Watchmen or...well, you get the idea. I guess if they were to make a new version of "the Wizard of Oz" it would be muted or everybody would be dressed in black. And they'd have to change the name of the "yellow brick road" to the "brown spicy mustard brick road". Emerald city would be changed to Olive baby puke green city, etc. I'm not sure why we have high def TVs to watch movies in glorious black and muted colors. But that's just me. Maybe the old costumes would be too much. Maybe they should have just not had any costumes. Mmmmmmmmm yo joe.

July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009

Visit your local library

These old book covers make me giggle. And some of the art was really quite good back then.

Read any good books lately?

July 26, 2009

Underoos 2

Underoos are fun to wear and even more fun to take off.

Underoos 1

Underoos are fun to wear...but he seems to be having more fun without them. :)

July 23, 2009

Super Tights

Wrestlers are sort of like superheroes. They've got muscles, also they fight a lot, and they wear tights. But unlike most heroes, wrestlers have wardrobe malfunctions during their fights. Which makes the fights much more enjoyable for me. Any of what I'm saying sinking in DC and Marvel?!? Enough already with Power Girl's boobs! Take a hint from the multi-million wrestling industry and start showing some muscle butt. Oh and P.S. to DC and Marvel...real guys have been wearing low-rise pants for several years now, it's time to drop those hero tights a little lower. Hawkman and the Hulk's pants should barely be hanging on. I'm just sayin'. :)

July 22, 2009


I know, I know...you've seen these vintage comic panels 100 times. Meh...make it 101. It never gets old. Seriously, these two didn't need any lame Joker excuse to continue their "study". I like how they have a whole library devoted to the subject. They also study wood, and balls, and shafts, and studs, baskets and pitching tents. I guess Joker did eventually succeed in forcing them into a boner. They seem to be pretty happy about it. I think Batman is seen here trying to trick Joker into pulling another boner...
Robin..er..Nightwing, must also be practicing to pull more than one boner...
I know all of this may look a little strange. But they do have a very locigal reason for everything we've seen....

July 21, 2009

The Munster Home

No, this is not my family photo. This post is about the Munsters. (although at times, I felt like Marilyn Munster, the "ugly" odd ball that didn't fit in with her "attractive" family. And sometimes I sleep with a bunch of lillies in my hands, or sometimes in a dresser drawer like Eddie Munster) but that's another post all together. We all remember how the Munsters happily lived on 1313 Mockingbird Lane, happily scaring the crap out of anyone who drove by... Or foolish enough to go up and knock on the door. And sometimes Spot would wreck havoc all over the neighborhood. Well, true believers, that was then ...
And this is now...sort of. You see, on the studio lot where they once filmed the Munsters, now they film "Desperate Housewives" and Mockingbird Lane is now, Wisteria Lane. And so the Munster house got a makeover. One of two makeovers actually. At the time of the first makeover, the house was just an unused house on the street for decoration, not being used for any of the main characters but...
Much later, in one of the seasons they added a gay couple to the show and of course had them move into the Munster home (insert your own gay joke here--unless you're a homophobe--in that case, take your phobic joke and insert it up your BLEEP! What are you doing reading my blog in the first place you big thilly?!?!) So, the house was given a second makeover to blend in better with the other homes on Wisteria Lane. Behold! The Munster home today!
Brrrrr...it's creepy on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! shudderrrrr. :)