November 29, 2009

Monkey in the buff

Thanks to a kind reader, we can all see more of Super Monkey here: Unfortunately he seems to keep hiding his candy in most of the pics. But it's much more then I've seen before. Thanks reader! It's like Christmas came early :)

Super Monkey of steel

Judging by those awful fake blue contact lenses, it's time for another "Monkey of Steel" post---or as I like to call him, "Super Monkey." Gawd, he gets a lot of attention from women who should know better. There are too many shots of him with random women wagging their va-jay-jay in his face. Oh wait---that's right, he's straight, so he enjoys it.
Now, he seems to have developed a friendship with muscled Super Daddy (I don't know his name so that's what I'll call him) and Super Daddy's girlfriend Super Blonde. So, there have been lots of pics of them together at the cons.
He went as red Superman, along with Super Daddy and Super Blonde as blue Supers. He also loaned those blue contacts to Super Daddy.
Ok so then Super Blonde went Lesbo for a kiss with Rogue...
And then Super Boy wanted some monkey love too. :) And then later they all washed the hair dye out and then this crazy went down. Don't ask me what's going on.
Monkey seems a little too happy to see Super Blonde here...
He has a girlfriend of his own, whom he sometimes poses with on her site: where they seem to lose their costumes. I don't know still how much of his costume comes off. Apparently, all you guys are too cheap to join their site---just like me :) but I'm hopeful some Richie Rich who reads this blog will unchain their wallet and join and share the pics with us. Hint hint to you Richie :)

November 28, 2009


The Hulk has met his match.

The Penguin

Now that we've all been stuffed with food, it's time to talk turkey. It's 2009, and the Penguin is still fat. No more excuses---he needs a makeover. Most criminals have plenty of time to hit the prison gym, workout and leave prison all buff. I say let's get him on a diet and exercise program and slim him down. He could have a whole new image. But if he insists on staying heavy, then he needs some buff umbrella boys in his gang.