March 28, 2009

Real or Fake? Who knows?

Just a tip from me to careful out there. For some reason people, tend to contact me, and usually they're nice, and just wanted to say hello and how much they like my art, etc. And then there are others, who are maybe lonely or because of the fantasy of my art want to create a fantasy situation of their own. By creating a fantasy situation about themselves, to seem more interesting to me. Sort of like "acting" a part or playing "make believe." They pretend to be something that their not and try to drag me into their fantasy. "Hi, I'm a handsome millionaire and I love your art, and I want to meet you" etc, etc, etc. Do I talk to them? Sure. But do I just take what they say at face value? NO. Sometimes, there are pictures to go with their fantasy, and sometimes not. But I guess I've had this happen too many times, which is why I'm always skeptical and running around like some kind of Nancy Drew-Jessica Fletcher-Hercule Poirot-Miss Marple looking for evidence, clues and finding holes in their stories and elaborate fantasies. So, if you plan to contact me and not be real, get your story and your shit together, because I'll be checking on it all. And if you're just a normal person with no fantasy agenda, you're always welcome to say hello. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has dealt with this before. Or the last. So again, be careful out there with whom you think you are talking to. Remember what your mom used to say about talking to strangers. Because on the Internet, that's what most people are. Some are the good kind and some are the bad. And you should know the difference. Avenjer :)

March 10, 2009


Thanks Rob O. Visit his blog "Seduced by the New" for a daily dose of fun.

March 9, 2009


Here is He-man, the first of a possible "Masters of the Universe" series. What do you guys think? Do ya like? Do you want to see more?

March 1, 2009


It's March...

So, my time off in February wasn't as productive as I would have liked. I had too many setbacks that kept me from creating new art. But fear not, completely new art is on the way. And I will be uploading it through out the month, along with some alternates from my previous work.
What does everyone think so far? I'd like to hear.
Since the blog has started, it's been featured in other blogs and a few websites, I'm happy to say. Thanks. The Internet really does reach far and wide. And I can't completely keep track of all the blogs and sites my art appears anymore. But it has been fun for me to see where/who enjoys my work. Since I added a counter, the blog gets about 100 visitors a day, and there are a few blog followers (there are actually more but, you can't see them because you can follow anonymously) and I thank them for following me.
I have a local Washington DC summer art event coming. Where I will be showing some of my non-hero work and photographs. But I may invent some original heroes of my own and include them in the show. At some point, I may include my other work here in the future. We'll see.
Thanks for checking out my blog. And stay tuned.