March 10, 2009


Thanks Rob O. Visit his blog "Seduced by the New" for a daily dose of fun.


Anonymous said...

Avenjer - Wanted to drop a note of thanx for your kind comments to me. Of course I needed to follow your internet trail to discover who you were. My conclusions: an amazingly talented artist (your photomorphs are beautiful and sexy - I can't tell where the photo and the airbrush morphs leave off). I love the retro feeling of your comic heros. These are the same guys I have dreamed about since I was a young teen. A thought, yes one does need to kiss a lot of frogs before he finds a prince, however YOU should believe that YOUR kiss can change a frog into a prince. You ARE in the fantasy business you know sweet guy! Your taste in men, in men's faces and bodies is impeccable. That your heros smile so often shows you have passion for your work. You live in one of my favorite cities. A friend who works for the Smithsonian has a flat at Dupont Circle - near the best pizzaria in town. I often fly into Dulles only to devour pizza with him. Now you know why I need a personal trainer (Matt).
Thank you so much friend -
Affectionately, Aaron

Anonymous said...

I hate leaving two comments on but one blog, HOWEVER I decided to need to do tattoos!!! I would have you do both my arms to my wrist and my entire back. I think that shows my respect of your work - that I would put my skin where my mouth is.
Also, somehow I know you're the nicest guy in town.