June 20, 2009

Have some Pride!


Hey there!
Yes, I've been a bad blogger---I haven't finished any of my new hero art yet. Why? Well, for all the usual reasons and the show. Which will be over at months end. So, far it's been hit and miss, a great way to make some connections but I don't know if it will lead to a career change. We'll see. But it eats up time going to and fro, and volunteering there. But it's almost over.
Another reason for my lack of anything new is that it's summer and I'm trying to get out and enjoy. Like going to DC Pride last week. It was very fun. Usually at this event you just get attacked by all the different gay rights groups asking to join the cause or for donations---but this year, they were much more relaxed about it--and I think that worked better. We also had a family area where the families with kids could hang out together, and non-family areas with hot guys in dunking booths. And the musical guests this year were very good. With the Pride show closers being Martha Wash (of "it's raining men" and "Come on let's sweat" fame) and the diverse yet complex talents of RuPaul. Who was wonderful--I'm a big fan. And I like any good gay was right there front and center snapping pictures for you to enjoy. So if you haven't been to Pride in your area, I suggest you go and have some fun. And if you don't have one or missed yours, try to hang out with your boys/girls and celebrate one of your own. I'll have more for you guys sooner than later.
Mr. Avenjer