December 16, 2013

R.I.P. spect...

... Award winning actress Joan Fontaine has passed. She was the star of one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films "Rebecca"---the only?! Hitchcock film to win best picture of the year! It's a fantastic film.

...Joan plays a naive plain young woman, who falls quickly in love and marries a handsome rich widower, Maxim DeWinter---and settles in his gigantic mansion called Manderley. There she finds the memory of the first wife Rebecca maintaining her hold over Maxim and the household servants. Like a ghost, Rebecca's pressance seems to haunt everything there. But why? And who was the mysterious Rebecca?

...the film is full of Hitchcock style and treats to keep you on edge, from beginning to end. Watch the whole film below to see for yourself. And to see Joan's award nominated performance. She would later win the Oscar for her second Hitchcock film "Suspicion."


Anonymous said...

It's posts like this that I will miss as much, if not more, than the superhero ones. Do you have a place where I can keep following you or is it goodbye forever come the first?

Avenjer said...

Thanks! Hmm, well I think for the present it's goodbye forever. But you never know :)