December 22, 2013

Good things about this blog...

...The blog closing date of January 1, 2014 is rapidly approaching. I still have some posting time left so, I'll continue until then. But, my last rant was about a negative aspect of this blog. Today, I'll talk about some of the good things that having a blog has brought me.

...Of course there is the obvious, having a blog allowed me to express myself and get things off my chest. It allowed me to share my art, my interests, thoughts, etc. Through the over 4843 posts shared here.

...But mostly it allowed me to interact with people from all over the world. As of today, this blog has had over 2,025,546 visits since it's birth. Amazing! And Thanks for visiting. I've had visitors from virtually every country---including the ones where it's generally thought that gay sites are block, or where gay culture is oppressed. Somehow guys still managed to find me. It's nice to know that even in a very small way I might be helping a gay guy in those oppressed countries to feel more comfortable with himself or at least feel connected to a gay community.

...There have been over 800 comments shared on my blog. Mostly from guys just letting me know which posts they like or nice comments to me. Which has also been great to hear the feedback from you guys.

...And there have been visitors who emailed me directly to share their thoughts, comment in depth or to just say hello. And through both the comments and emails I have made friends locally (Hiyeee!) and all over the world. Which has been the best part of having a blog.

...Through this blog I've met (and inspired) fashion designers, magazine writers, published authors and photographers, other artists, several male models, fellow bloggers/tumblrs, comic geeks, even a reality tv star----and lots of guys around the world, like you.

...It's truly been wonderful, and it's amazing how the internet can connect you to almost anyone on the planet. Thanks guys! I hope the blog has been as fun for you as it's been for me. :)

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