September 15, 2013

Showcase Presents: Amethyst...

...a 648 page book, all black and white collection of the original 12 issue series (seen above,) plus her first 11 regular series comic books. It's a great read...

..."On ancient earth magic is dying. The mythic and magical creatures, dragons, unicorns, sorceress and wizards of earth are fading away to nothingness. Banding together they search for a new home world where magic can live again. Making a deal with demons, opening a dimension gateway across space to a new planet of magic...Gemworld. Where their magic is preserved within precious gem stones. Each gem stone represents a royal ruling house...House of Amethyst, House of Diamond, House of Opal, House of Emerald, etc. And the magic power of each House can be passed on to the next generation through the royal blood line.

But dark Lord Opal, wants to be overlord of all the Royal Houses. He wants all the magic powers of each House for himself. And wages war across Gemworld, slaughtering and taking over House by House. Young Princess Amethyst, sole survivor of the House of Amethyst, was whisked away from Gemworld after her family was wiped out by the evil Dark Opal. Hidden away from him, by sending her through the gateway back to modern day Earth. After being raised to age thirteen on Earth, she was attacked by Dark Opal, who had tracked her to her adoptive home at last. But his attack served to awaken her dormant magical powers. She then returned to Gemworld (where she is transformed to a full grown adult due to a magical twist of time) to claim her rightful place on the throne and protect those in need."

...This is a fun retro series. The artwork is quite fantastic even in black and white. A world filled with a mix of dark horrors and extreme beauty. War and hope. Each Gem House has it's own royal family with interesting characters and villains, and plot twists. As Amethyst tries to bring the royal Houses together, over years of differences, in order to defeat Dark Opal. Its 648 pages of fun! Check it out.

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