August 30, 2013

For my Russian friends...

...Thanks for visiting. There are several Russian visits to my blog daily, and I appreciate all of the people from around the world who visit my blog, and find it enjoying.

Sadly, I've been finding the shocking news from Russia regarding Gay rights very disturbing. But know that the world is watching this horrible treatment of gay people in Russia. I myself, have seen the news feeds of the torture of gays, beatings, attacks, raids of gay homes. There are evil people who are luring gays online into traps (including teenagers) where groups of men attack them and post videos of the attacks online...

...and it seems to be getting worse---not better. This all seems to be centered around the Olympics but, it's much more than that. It is a censoring and abuse of gay people, that is being compared by most of the countries watching, to be very similar to the treatment of Jews and gays by Hitler and the Nazis at the beginning of world war II. It seems that your leaders want Gay people to disappear.

Please be careful. Be aware. Protect yourself at all cost. Because while it's taken America decades to get to where we now are, it seems like it may take centuries for Russia to get to the same place.

Here is a link for gay news around the world and in the US, towleroad They have been keeping a very close watch on the situation and you may be able to get some info here, to help, and/or other links there for information.

For now, be yourself but, be alert and stay safe :)

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