February 26, 2012

Mouse house John Carter rant...

...So the mouse house will be releasing it's film version of "John Carter." Based off of the 100 year old story by "Tarzan" creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. The original story first appeared as "Under the moons of Mars" and then later changed to "A Princess of Mars." This was the first John Carter story in a series of 9 novels. I'll probably see this movie, knowing that it has been sanitized and toned down for a "family friendly-let's sell some happy meals and make lots of money" version. It looks like they combined the first two novels of the series to move things along. My complaints are that the level of world wide violence and scantily clad nudity of the hero are clearly going to be missing. As well as the romantic charm of flying "sailing" ships, bejeweled body decorations, and swashbuckling swords fights. All replaced by family friendly violence, gigantic pantaloon MC Hammer pants on the hero, leftover leather straps from Conan movies, generic space ships and laser gun fights. The brutally savage yet decadent world of the original has been replaced with a more politically correct one I'm afraid. But still,...I must go and see it for myself.

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