September 7, 2011

It's the Wednesday mini dance par-TAY!...

Today we have "Flamboyant" by the Pet Shop Boys... ...I could say this song fits so many gay men I've known but, really it fits many straight peeps I've known too. You know, the ones who think they're living in a reality show, who NEED to be the constant center of attention? Whether gay or straight they can't seem to stop checking their phone--as if they might be missing out on better fun somewhere else. Can't stop texting and tweeting. Who must be seen at the best places and then bore you to tears telling you all about it. And their facebook page is full of photos that seem more like a collection of events to prove how fascinating they are than of any actual living. A picture with an exotic animal, one on a beach in Europe, another rock climbing, a picture in Times Square, a picture with some alcohol in their hand, a picture leaning against an expensive car that isn't theirs, etc, etc, etc. And always with a goofy mugging facial expression that says "Whoa, what am I doing here? Isn't this a cool surprise even though this is staged and nothing about it is genuine?" Or else they have an overload of 850 facebook friends, but have only ever spoken with two of them--and the rest are total strangers. In general, they're just trying too hard. I think one day I'm just going to be sarcastic and take this to the extreme and send out fake pictures of myself playing poker with Darth Vader on the moon, and eating birthday cake underwater with a tiger, or climbing the Statue of Liberty with Lady Gaga riding my shoulders, and splitting the atom while winning a breakdancing contest. Maybe then I'll be as fascinating as they are :)

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